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Origin of Evil

That Two-Horned mountain. Djebel Boukornine. Balcaranensis. Basically, the horns of the traditional Christian image of the Devil. Tunis. Across from Carthage (Tunis).  All clues lead here. Wow.

Ba’al / Saturn (Satan) / Kronos.

There was a temple to Saturn here, along with one in Rome, once the Romans had conquered Carthage. They brought Saturn back to Rome. They liked doing that. They did the same thing with the cult of Jeshua Ben-Joseph.

‘King’ (Mlk/Molech) of the Two Horned mountain, becomes verbally corrupted, to the ‘Djebel’ (Devil) with Two Horns.

Plenty of evidence of dead babies  discovered in the early 20th century. So, when you hear about sacrifice still rumoured to go on, to Moloch, this is where it all started. 

The Phoenicians went all over, and spoke a Caananite dialect. They also seeded western civilisation. Not far from either Greece or Rome. The Devil, according to the Romans, lived in Tunisia, it would appear.

The Romans did a real smear-job on the Carthaginians, unfortunately. Then they destroyed them. It is impossible to prove sacrificial rites were performed, and we should not believe just because incinerated bones have been found. Infant mortality was very high (40%), and the bones found could well have just been cremated.

The Future

It’s like ‘Big Joe’ said;

“You better be SMART, people!!”

I wonder who designed the image, of the girl in the US flag head-scarf. Good job. I’m betting Saudi money’s behind it somewhere. Come to claim the land that their petrodollars went to. For that you can thank Henry Kissinger.

Do you see what’s going on here? Hardcore Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood or the like) are using the witlessness of crowds of social justice warriors, as a platform for their agenda. I suspect Hollywood is also bought and paid for too.

Lindsay Lohan spontaneously decides to convert to Islam? No, I’m not buying that at all. More likely she was offered a choice between a pay-off and a scandal, with what they had on her. Paid off in petrodollars. Public relations. Either that, or she really is a genuine idiot.

But, when all is said and done, it’s not down to individual Muslims. It’s policy. The long-mooted ‘Clash of Civilisations’. Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini may well be a forgery, but it predicted the truth pretty uncannily, and that’s what counts.

What is at the root of Freemasonry and all the secret societies, etc, once you get to a high level, is what is called Gnosticism. What reinforces that, is Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. That’s what is being prepared for the world, in some form or another, when this clash is over. The retail version will probably be Luciferianism, of one form or another. The professional version revolves around the Babylonian Talmud. 

What’s at the root of all of these mystery religions, and what is the rubber band holding them all together. Hardcore Judaism.

It sounds terrible, and it probably is. Especially when viewed from a Christian perspective.

Trump was picked by Military Intelligence for his role. They know well what’s really going on. There is division between them and the CIA. I know this for fact. 
These three are either very clever, or incredibly stupid. Tribalism sucks;

The artist of this, and other iconic Obama campaign images, is this guy. The phrase ‘Useful Idiot’, albeit a talented one, springs readily to mind;

Terrifying, eh?

International Women’s March

Millions of people all over the planet, manipulated into marching now. Having Trump as their anti-mascot, by the likes of the globalist George Soros. He who has funded agit-prop all over the world, and is on-record as stating that the destruction of the US – and assumed morph into a supranational entity, in an act of desperation – will be the culmination of his life’s work.

The fact is, there would have been no marches if Hillary Clinton had been elected, because Hillary is totally in bed with the globalist agenda. I’d bet my life on that.

Trump is wanting to roll back years of Obama’s policies, in an effort to stop the US (as a sovereign state), being flushed down the tubes by globalisation (unlike many predecessors) and its progenitors.

The most ancient divide in the world is men and women. You are witnessing fundamental ‘Divide & Rule’ (a prevalent tactic since the Roman Empire). This is engineered to satisfy the desires of the elite globalist bankers, and has very little to do with its stated objectives.

Does it not even annoy you slightly that we, as a population, are being potentially manipulated in this way? If you think it’s all about sticking it to Trump, and women’s rights, then read up on it. It’s about globalists getting what globalists want, and very little else besides. 

Still, wear your pussy-hat with pride.

State of the world

If you can push past the point when everyone thinks you’re insane, and not care, you begin to see elements of all theories in pretty-much everything you read. A theory on religion may contain primers on methods of mind control. One on ancient astronauts may contain useful information on pre-Columbus trans-Atlantic exploration. 

Commonality, in different stories, with uncommon sources, is key. Hearing similar whispers in both ears, from two unconnected sources. The bulb begins to glow. To triangulate to truth, from two entirely different viewpoints, stereoscopically, becomes possible, with volume of reading, and the weakness of a single source is eliminated.

The term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was first uttered in the wake of the Kennedy assassination, but I don’t think there’s anyone left who isn’t aware that wasn’t a conspiracy of some description. I just read a lot of information, and offer up logical conclusions. That wouldn’t be the book in me.

The powers that be would rather we all didn’t think for ourselves, but swallow the processed agenda from mainstream (controlled) media. I cannot emphasise enough what turning off TV six years ago has done for me.

Yes, the truth about a lot of the world is uncomfortable. I’ve also come to realise that you cannot change people, or get them to listen to what they do not want to hear, if they aren’t ready to hear it. I don’t care anymore. If it sparks a candle of interest in anyone, then fantastic. If not, then it’s no skin off my nose. If you doubt my sanity, then leave me to my babble. You meet people, and then you move on. It’s the way of the world.

With the agenda for Globalisation, however, I feel a little different. Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting ‘LA-LA-LA’ won’t get anyone anywhere. In the past few months, enough evidence has come out, through Wikileaks alone, that Clinton was not only funded by the Saudis, privately, and did favours while in her State Department role. 

The evidence is also there that arms went to ISIS, and that they were well aware of what was going on. For me, when Obama said he wasn’t going to interfere in what was clearly a monstrous evil, and went back to the golf course, was the point at which I knew we were in serious trouble.

If you can still bury your head after all the revelations, and consciously think that Hillary Clinton was the only choice because of her liberal agenda on the homefront, while ignoring her, and the Obama administration’s utterly disgraceful behaviour with regard to foreign policy, then you have become exactly the kind of fool they wished to mould you into. A compliant one.

The refugee crisis is also obviously a constructed thing. It began in Libya, when the Saudis wanted Gaddafi gone over oil, and he’d threatened a gold-backed currency as well, so they called in Hillary, who called in Cameron, and collectively, the west failed the state. For the head-chopping sand filth. They really are regrettable bastards. 

Then it spread to Syria. Cameron couldn’t force the war through parliament, so there wasn’t support from allies. This is why ISIS happened. Inexcusable, and unforgivable. So, while people welcomed refugees and virtue signalled up a treat, the violence in Sweden, Germany & France has gradually escalated. Yes, for a large part, they were kicked out of their countries. By the people we put in office!!! All the left can argue about is how offended they are that you have a different opinion about it than they do, and that opening our homes to hordes of potentially violent people is to be done. Sorry, no. My instinct says be very careful.

They are only potentially violent because of cultural nurture – ultimately, we’re all the same until we’re moulded – but it is ingrained for sure, and will not be stamped out by a cup of tea and a biscuit.

This is a dispassionate observation. There is no ego at play, and no pride to be dented. A lot of people need to wake up and help take the reigns of this cart, because the horse is well and truly headed south on the wrong side of the motorway. It’s just been brought to a halt, and let’s be thankful, but big money will try again, I have no doubt.

Assange was cast falsely, first as a rapist, then they tried paedophile. Trump’s been demonised similarly, and the cucked hordes have been unleashed upon the streets, their minds blunted by decades of cultural subversion. Soros money is behind all this. These are classic smear tactics, and the growing impatience of a left, in alliance with business money (Fascism), who want their solution implemented, without having thought it through to its logical conclusion. A dystopian future. Business get a global market, and gated communities, and we get 1984.

So, I thought you at least deserved to know. But, as the saying goes, don’t take my word for it. Realise the sovereignty you have over your own self, and mind, before it’s too bloody late. Because if you don’t, if you act as dumb animals, you will be herded like them, and that’s the truth.

Please. For the love of God, try turning off the television.

Black Mutt

Where shall I start?

Firstly, I’m in no way saying depression is not real. Have been through approximately four sessions with the fucker, I can vouch for the fact that the black dog is a persistent mutt. Rest on your laurels for five seconds, turn the corner, and there he is. Looking at you curiously, as if to say; “Come with me, laddie.”

Depression is a cumulative thing. Nurture causes an upset, then nature suffers as a result. In real depression, it feels like the colour begins to drain from your perception. It can be cured, but it’s up to the individual to do, in my opinion. It is the way you react to nurture, and insulate yourself against the world which causes it.

The cure for a propensity to depression is to force yourself to eat a good and varied diet. To avoid alcohol like the plague, and to shed those friends who’d continually rob you of self-esteem, or get them to realise what they continually do.

A friend once said to me, irritatedly, “Maybe YOU’RE too sensitive!”. At that point, I decided I was, for that particular group of acquaintances, who I had knocked about for 30 years or more. If you can’t hear what I’m really trying to tell you, I’m out.

Maybe I’m over empathic at times. Maybe it’s the fault of my diet and years of not realising what in the hell life was doing to me. All I know is this; my path is my own, and I can do without silly comments like that. We are what we are, and it’s our lives that make us this way.

Divorce kicked the crap out of me.

When I recovered, and regained the faculty of common sense, I found that I’d worked a lot of hitherto unresolved issues out. I’m free of them now. The suggestion of CBT and Jungian ‘shadow-work’ got me thinking, and tracing all life’s dominos.

So, in short, what worked for me was;

Shedding the ignorant naysayers.

Eating better.

Drinking less.

Rebuilding self-esteem.

Not avoiding reality.

It’s also fair to say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the teachings of one Teal Swan, also. A gifted psychologist, at the very least. Thank you, Teal. x

It’s a fairly radical approach that I would recommend anyone try before resorting to potentially disastrous antidepressants. On the other hand, they might give you strength enough to take the job on, but they surely aren’t a “cure”.

Maybe that’s why the current trend amongst weary Millenials, of describing any and all real-world circumstance as “depressing”, makes me want to throw a bucket of cold water over them. They’ve mostly not the first fucking clue.

DJ & The Bern

My guess is that Bernie & The Donald will wind up working together in some degree, once all this Soros-instigated aggro has calmed down. Trump is not a classic Republican at all, and he’s going to want to be seen to chuck olive branches out at every given opportunity. He’s just walked around with his balls out for half his life, much like any other male non-‘career politician’, and has now been savaged by Generation Snowflake.

They have been dumbed down and subverted over the last few years, by a specially tailored educational program, to prepare hearts and minds all over the world for the forthcoming ‘communitarianism’ order. This is essentially the beginning of a fight back against that as well. It’s Nationalism vs. Occulted (Concealed) Globalism. Remember that when you see the words ‘common purpose’ appearing together anywhere.

Trump’s said and done some daft things, for sure, and if he’s convicted of anything nasty, then screw him, but I don’t think he will be. He’s too at ease with himself to be one carrying masses of unresolved issues.

Let’s be honest. Running for President & being President are two completely different things, as has been so truly proven in the past. Once the team is assembled around him, he’ll be a lot more regal. The fact that he’s NOT a career politician is the single best thing about him. He’s not in it for the money at all.

I started off following his campaign and the build up to it, about two years ago. I don’t mind admitting he brought me round. The first tweet I ever sent him I told him I thought he didn’t have it in him. I was majorly wrong about that, but he’s received major help along the way.
Stop believing what the mainstream media tell you, folks. Do your own research.

Steve Pieczenik maintains that he volunteered to do all this, as part of a counter-coup to get rid of the Clintons (establishment) and that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Pretty fucking brave, if you ask me, when you look at what happened to Kennedy & Reagan.

I think it was Billy Connolly who once outlined the absurd Catch-22 of career politics, when he said that anyone who expressly sought power over people should in actual fact not be allowed to go after it. Once again, according to Pieczenik, it’s effectively been ‘thrust upon him’, and those type of people usually make the best leaders. 

Now, let’s just give the man a chance.

Goodbye Hillary

Too much has come out, now. I don’t think there’s anyone left to bribe, and there are still people out there who know the truth. What’s being uncovered is probably the biggest scandal ever in US politics. The level of CORRUPTION in PUBLIC OFFICE is STAGGERING.

I’ve seen and read stuff that hasn’t been touched by the mainstream media at all. Because, they’re all bought and paid for. Once again, seeing the Clintons for what they are, and what they’ve turned the Democrats into, does NOT equal an endorsement for Trump. All I would say is this; the man entered into this race from a position of strength. His money made him an autonomous unit, and much more likely to function that way in government. Drain the swamp, etc. As a result, he circumvents both Democrat corruption and similarly corrupt Republicanism (the Walker Bush dynasty), which is where it all started. 

Bill Clinton was co-opted into loose involvement in the ‘coke for weapons’ CIA operation (Aid to the Contras in Central America) in the ’80s, but the guns were going to drug lords, during the Reagan administration, and it all kicked off from there. George Bush snr came into the vice-presidential office from the CIA, and effectively brought that ‘Skull and Bones’ style of utter self-interest & lawlessness into mainstream government. Laws are for little people.

They simply don’t want independents in the White House, because they will not be controlled. Loose cannon. Trump is actually pretty brave in even standing, if you ask me. The most likely thing that will happen to him is that he will get shot. The Clinton body count is estimated at anywhere from 47-114 people. I doubt they have any involvement with it. Watch HOUSE OF CARDS. You’ll get a feel for how it happens. Do the research. Most likely CIA hits. All of them.

All this corruption can be traced WAY back. As regards Trump, from an objective standpoint, it would be difficult to see who else could take the job on. He also clearly loves his country. You can stop drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid now, and believe me, we ALL have been, to a greater or lesser degree.

Own money. Not beholden to ANY special interest agenda (Zionists, Muslim Brotherhood, Globalists, NeoCon Hawks etc) whatsoever. Think about that and tell me that wouldn’t be the best thing for the world as a whole? The US has effectively been allowed to become the biggest guy in the playground, who will beat up the other kids, if you ply him with enough sweets, and it’s largely down to the Clintons, and before them the Bushes. Politics is very boring when you know how corrupt it’s become. It’s so removed from where it should be, it’s depressing as hell.

Whatever people think of Trump personally is of little interest. People are being encouraged to look for absolutely any chink in his armour, and pull.

This all matters because eventually it will collapse the US government, and then the country, so by extrapolation the major power in WESTERN WORLD, if it’s not addressed. It really is that serious.

Meanwhile, Madonna’s offering blow-jobs for votes. As are, metaphorically speaking, most other stars in the firmament. Oh, that’s OK then. Yeah, better Hillary than Trump and his wall, eh? Robert Downey Jnr and Scarlett Johansson clearly know what’s best for the world. Give me STRENGTH!

If they don’t get rid of her this time, it’ll be because she paid someone else off. That the NYPD have seen some of those emails is the only saving grace in this whole charade.