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Road Trip

The contract was three weeks shy, in terms of hours I could claim. Fair enough, I thought. I haven’t seen my children for the longest time. Also, Italy would be a good deal easier with a car. I’ll go home, spend some time with the kids, get a car in England and drive it over. At most it should be a week’s holiday, and 3 days driving on top.


It took about a week longer than that, but it was quite the adventure. I set out from Fiumicino to Luton, and thence up to Kettering to pick up my baby. I have always wanted this car, and I couldn’t wait any longer. It has not disapponted.

From there, a short trip back to Essex, and lots of time with my children. I miss them terribly when I am away from them, but it is definitely a case of flipping a switch. Letting them get on with their lives, and you getting on with yours. It won’t always be like this.

Driving down to the ‘Chunnel’, I was turned away, which was annoying, as they have the car down as an LPG conversion (which it is not). They weren’t going to have their minds swayed though. Computer says “No!”. It was off to Dover for the night, and over to Dunkirk the next day, on the ferry.

Dunkirk is very pleasant. My grandfather  was a ‘Water-Taxi’ captain during the Dunkirk evacuation, and I wanted to see it. Despite not being fit for service, when the call came, he dropped everything and made the crossing.

Dunkirk was relaxedly French, and I stayed a night, to get my bearings, and strength for the rest of the drive. From Dunkirk, next day, it was down to circuit Reims, and Dijon, on the lovely French toll roads. I stayed a couple of nights in Mailly-le-Camp, by necessity. Very quiet and pretty.
Next stopover was Chamaux, in an Express Hotel, which was an interesting experience. No sooner had I parked up than I was offered some cocaine and a spliff. Out of the window. Needless to say, I didn’t indulge. That would have been an interesting drive.

(above) F1 Express Hotel in Chamaux

From Chamaux, the last French leg was around Geneva, and up to the Mont Blanc tunnel. It was last thing during the day. I was exhausted with the driving by then, and I missed the turn-off for Chamonix, where I eventually stayed the night. I wound up halfway up Mont Blanc, exhausted and trying to work out how to get back down. I eventually did. The only word for the scenery around Chamonix, is stunning. With the sun-down, it wasn’t immediately obvious, but upon daybreak… wow.

(above) Chamonix, and the vicinity of the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Geneva and the French Alps were the most beautiful natural sights I think I’ve ever seen. Geneva was only a sideways glance, while pegging it down the road, but the location, and the climb back into the mountains was breathtaking. Pink and blue skies, with a collar of clouds, in a natural valley plain, that looked for all the world that day like paradise.

From there, a night in Aosta. Negotiating the hundreds of tunnels around Genoa, and the road to Rome. One more night near La Spezia, and the weather began to seriously heat. Negotiating the Rome ring-road in rush-hour was hair-raising, and the Pontina… back to Latina. Italian roads that are not EU subsidised tarmac will rattle every bone you have. Especially with stiff suspension.

I can’t tell you how good I felt staying over that night in Aosta. Back in Italy. I’ve been here 6 months now, and I have fallen in love with the place.



In 2011, I finally fell out of the tree labelled “Normalcy”. My wife and I separated and finally divorced. I seemingly broke every bone, on all the branches on the way down. I was in free-fall. It was a time of virtually unconquerable pain. Anyone who doubts that is a fool. I did everything I could to both endure it, and kill it. 

I probed some levels of personal behaviour that I never dreamed I would. The amount of mistakes I made during this time was woeful. I’ll not share them here, but suffice to say that in the last 6 years, I’ve learned more about human behaviour that probably in the previous three decades combined. I was ruined, both as a person, and as a going concern.

Mistakes build wisdom. It’s that simple. I shudder when I think of the way I used to be.

When 3 years worth of dust had settled, I had no choice but to pick myself up and go on. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. There’s some truth in that phrase, whatever people say. It’s only at rock-bottom that you will find the forge, that will temper the hitherto untested. They may be flowery words, but they’re utterly true.

Option B is the perilous North Face. Where I have no choice but to extend myself and make a decent go of the rest of my life. I will share what I’ve learned at some point, while I carry on with this impromptu adventure. I don’t know what appetite there’ll be for it, but words carry power. They are magic. I know that now, and I know how to use them. Hopefully, to get what I want, for me and mine. My two dear children. Without whom, I would have simply thrown in the towel.

Onward and upwards. Tactics and strategy.


You can still partake of civilisation and not be part of the Zombie Apocalypse, y’know. People aren’t railing against civilisation as such, they are having an intuitive reaction to the fact that all is clearly not as it should be. Civilisation is a truly wonderful thing, but the Age of Grecian Philosophers has turned into the Age of Katy Perry & Britney Spears etc. This world of ours has been conquered, in the name of usury, and most are only dimly aware of what this means. Its effects are far-reaching. The chalice of civilisation is blighted by the hand of man. Nero fiddles away furiously, whilst Rome is in flames. It is always like this. Age after age. Eventual entropy will be the undoing of us all, if we aren’t better educated, and ‘they’ seem happy for the masses not to reach any kind of level of true self-awareness. It’s a subverted sandpit, folks. If you’re happy with that, then knock yourself out.

It’s my belief that the main opponent in this reality is entropy. That is why we are here. To accept, and develop strategies for dealing with destruction, death and decay, while maintaining the ability to love and create. Don’t be too hard on humans. We’re not here to be perfect as a species, but to be perfected as individuals. 

I believe the dreams of man, for a human future out among the stars, and the eventual building of a civilisation beyond this earth, are exactly that. A dream. It’s not why we’re here. I could be wrong, but for me, at least, I don’t think I am.

I learned a lot from Terence McKenna, and his ‘machine elves’, but the entropy bit is my additional spin on it all, based upon observations of belief systems all over, and as ever, it’s a thought in progress. The inspiration for the concept of entropy as ‘the opponent’ is something that has grown more obvious over time. Middle-ages Cathedrals, and their broken arch windows, signifying the imperfection of man. I don’t know when it occurred that it was reality that was crocked, and not man, but occur it did. As the son of a Catholic marriage, I am always trying to do away with guilt. Certainly, entropy and time are closely affiliated, and neither appeared a factor for Joe Rogan/McKenna’s ‘Jesters in Hyperspace’. If anything, I imagine they’re a level below us, and that’s why they behave like such cocky little shits.

What is ‘Old Father Time’? Saturn? Death, with his scythe, if not ‘entropy’? This is not a new observation, for sure

But, that said…

Don’t just adopt someone else’s beliefs and philosophy, by drinking from only one stream of thought. Sip from many different cups and disciplines, and then cultivate your own well-spring, as thoughts begin to become ideas. Don’t concern yourself if they’ve been thought of before. That is not your concern, and there is little new under the sun. 

Live your life as well. Ups and downs. Good and bad. That is all as much a part of learning about the universe as burying your head in the books. Know yourself, inside out and back to front. Power of intellect and acquired knowledge, is no complete substitute for accumulated wisdom, or nagging intuition, and all have different-feeling voices. All are valid, but in different ways. Create your own world-view from all the above. The process takes a lifetime.

Above anything else, though, this one virtue more than any other. Remain CURIOUS, but temper it with self-discipline, and do not be afraid to THINK for yourself, and formulate your own conclusions. You won’t always be right, but with increasing regularity, you will find that you are.

‘Vote Leave’ …bus wankers!

The £350M lies.

What lies were they, then? The one about the £350M and the NHS that was suggested to Farage, and he agreed under interview pressure, live on TV, that it would potentially be a good idea. Then the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign seized on it and splattered it up the sides of their buses? 

I was following Farage, not ‘Vote Leave’ or Gove and Boris, and I never heard him lie throughout the whole thing. Also, I’m not a fan of Napoleonic Code, or being dictated to from an unassailable position by the EC and the European Round Table of industrialists. That’s the very definition of fascism (with a socialist front end)

No, not bothered about that at all. Love Europe, not the EU.

Seriously, if people had done their research before the referendum, they’d have been in full possession of the facts. They’d have known about the £350M, and the rebate that reduced it down to more like £150M. All this info was available, but somebody missed it. Perhaps on purpose. Both Gove & Boris are lying pretty low at the moment.

The Farage interview I saw happen (can’t remember the channel), and I remember groaning and thinking that the interviewer was going to press him for a commitment for money for the NHS. Sure enough, he did. Then came ‘Vote Leave’ and their bloody buses.

You could blame the mainstream media, for a lack of good reporting, but you could also blame the government, for actively refusing to run a co-ordinated campaign with Farage, which meant that ‘Vote Leave’ had the field. The Tories can’t abide Farage, which is hilarious, and makes him about the only effective opposition at the moment. From Trump Tower, pretty-much! 😂

No mention of Farage in here;

Our wonderful Government wanted to keep control over both sides of the argument, and wouldn’t have him on board. I wonder why. If I were a betting man, I’d have a fiver on that ‘Bus Lie’ being put up to come out AS a lie, before the vote, to discredit the argument, and sway the vote the European way. Only a fiver, mind.


The Referendum, and subsequent declaration of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, is Farage and the people’s victory,  with little thanks to the government.

Origin of Evil

That Two-Horned mountain. Djebel Boukornine. Balcaranensis. Basically, the horns of the traditional Christian image of the Devil. Tunis. Across from Carthage (Tunis).  All clues lead here. Wow.

Ba’al / Saturn (Satan) / Kronos.

There was a temple to Saturn here, along with one in Rome, once the Romans had conquered Carthage. They brought Saturn back to Rome. They liked doing that. They did the same thing with the cult of Jeshua Ben-Joseph.

‘King’ (Mlk/Molech) of the Two Horned mountain, becomes verbally corrupted, to the ‘Djebel’ (Devil) with Two Horns.

Plenty of evidence of dead babies  discovered in the early 20th century. So, when you hear about sacrifice still rumoured to go on, to Moloch, this is where it all started. 

The Phoenicians went all over, and spoke a Caananite dialect. They also seeded western civilisation. Not far from either Greece or Rome. The Devil, according to the Romans, lived in Tunisia, it would appear.

The Romans did a real smear-job on the Carthaginians, unfortunately. Then they destroyed them. It is impossible to prove sacrificial rites were performed, and we should not believe just because incinerated bones have been found. Infant mortality was very high (40%), and the bones found could well have just been cremated.

The Future

It’s like ‘Big Joe’ said;

“You better be SMART, people!!”

I wonder who designed the image, of the girl in the US flag head-scarf. Good job. I’m betting Saudi money’s behind it somewhere. Come to claim the land that their petrodollars went to. For that you can thank Henry Kissinger.

Do you see what’s going on here? Hardcore Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood or the like) are using the witlessness of crowds of social justice warriors, as a platform for their agenda. I suspect Hollywood is also bought and paid for too.

Lindsay Lohan spontaneously decides to convert to Islam? No, I’m not buying that at all. More likely she was offered a choice between a pay-off and a scandal, with what they had on her. Paid off in petrodollars. Public relations. Either that, or she really is a genuine idiot.

But, when all is said and done, it’s not down to individual Muslims. It’s policy. The long-mooted ‘Clash of Civilisations’. Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini may well be a forgery, but it predicted the truth pretty uncannily, and that’s what counts.

What is at the root of Freemasonry and all the secret societies, etc, once you get to a high level, is what is called Gnosticism. What reinforces that, is Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. That’s what is being prepared for the world, in some form or another, when this clash is over. The retail version will probably be Luciferianism, of one form or another. The professional version revolves around the Babylonian Talmud. 

What’s at the root of all of these mystery religions, and what is the rubber band holding them all together. Hardcore Judaism.

It sounds terrible, and it probably is. Especially when viewed from a Christian perspective.

Trump was picked by Military Intelligence for his role. They know well what’s really going on. There is division between them and the CIA. I know this for fact. 
These three are either very clever, or incredibly stupid. Tribalism sucks;

The artist of this, and other iconic Obama campaign images, is this guy. The phrase ‘Useful Idiot’, albeit a talented one, springs readily to mind;

Terrifying, eh?

International Women’s March

Millions of people all over the planet, manipulated into marching now. Having Trump as their anti-mascot, by the likes of the globalist George Soros. He who has funded agit-prop all over the world, and is on-record as stating that the destruction of the US – and assumed morph into a supranational entity, in an act of desperation – will be the culmination of his life’s work.

The fact is, there would have been no marches if Hillary Clinton had been elected, because Hillary is totally in bed with the globalist agenda. I’d bet my life on that.

Trump is wanting to roll back years of Obama’s policies, in an effort to stop the US (as a sovereign state), being flushed down the tubes by globalisation (unlike many predecessors) and its progenitors.

The most ancient divide in the world is men and women. You are witnessing fundamental ‘Divide & Rule’ (a prevalent tactic since the Roman Empire). This is engineered to satisfy the desires of the elite globalist bankers, and has very little to do with its stated objectives.

Does it not even annoy you slightly that we, as a population, are being potentially manipulated in this way? If you think it’s all about sticking it to Trump, and women’s rights, then read up on it. It’s about globalists getting what globalists want, and very little else besides. 

Still, wear your pussy-hat with pride.